Matsuri in Kyushu


March 1, 2019
Matsuri in Kyushu website opened.
About Matsuri in Kyushu
The westernmost area of Japan, the Kyushu and Yamaguchi regions have plenty that will wow you - majestically beautiful mountains, expansive coastal landscapes and other stunning nature as well as hot springs, fascinating history, culture and amazing food.
Few places do matsuri (festivals) quite like Kyushu. Each area has an abundance of incredible festivals - including traditional events that have been held for centuries, rich cultural experiences, carnival atmospheres, and unique traditions steeped in local culture.
The Matsuri in Kyushu project is a one-stop portal with information to connect festival lovers from Japan and overseas alike with the numerous incredible festivals in each area of Kyushu.
In autumn 2019, you can enjoy an extravaganza of Kyushu festivals.
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Enjoy an extravaganza of Kyushu festivals in autumn 2019!

A special event by Matsuri in Kyushu
September 28 (Sat) and 29 (Sun), 2019 - 2 days only! A smorgasbord of the Kyushu and Yamaguchi area's best festivals and cuisine, all together in Kumamoto City!
" Matsuri All stars "
All the best festivals in one place!
For the very first time, over 40 of the best festivals from nine prefectures in the Kyushu and Yamaguchi areas, such as Hakata Gion Yamakasa and the Yatsushiro Myoken Festival, are being held together in the Kumamoto city centre.
" Kyushu Hinokuni Spirit ! "
Sightseeing & Food Festival
A mouthwatering array of the best meat and noodle dishes from each prefecture in the Kyushu and Yamaguchi areas. You can also enjoy local sake and shochu (distilled liquor) and buy specialities from each area.

Wander Kyushu Go festival hopping in the Kyushu and Yamaguchi areas

Over 50 festivals will be held in the Kyushu and Yamaguchi areas during the festival period (September 20 (Fri) - November 3 (Sun), 2019). Check them out!

Kyushu Map
  • Fukuoka
  • Yamaguchi
  • Saga
  • Oita
  • Nagasaki
  • Miyazaki
  • Kumamoto
  • Kagoshima
  • Okinawa
Click here for details (opens as PDF) September 20 (Fri) - November 3 (Sun), 2019